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Scouts should always know and practice the square knot for the first aid purposes alone. You just make three loops, oriented the same way, and pull the middle loop through the outer two in such a way that it pins the loops against themselves. These different methods of wearing the neckerchief would include: around the forehead, cowboy fashion, with the broad part in front of the neck, Scout fashion, broad part in back; as a shoulder sash, right or left shoulder; and, on the right or left arm between the biceps and shoulder. Shut out lights for a specified time and see how adept group is in the darkness. It looks complicated, but it is merely 2 mirror image overhand knots tied into each other. Yes, the square knot is extremely important to learn as a first aid knot, as well as for other uses. Have you asked your Patrol Leader?
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Resources for those in the Scouting movement

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10 Great Games to Play on Father's Day

As a Patrol competition, the first patrol to have all of their pairs done, wins. The premise of this game is simple. The tables should ideally be used as a fixed stop-off point. Keeping track of scores can be difficult in the winter time since score sheets can get wet and scorekeepers are wearing mitts or gloves. They are great for a big group gathering or can be easily modified for a smaller family affair. The wearing of the neckerchief 6 is in itself an indication that the wearer is not a cadet but a Scout.
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Pin on cub scouts

Height of ropes must be such that the feet of a Scout hanging by both hands and about to fall will be close to the snow. For a tump line to carry a load. The 2 half hitch and taut-line hitch are shown upside down here so that it is hard to see the proper wraps. Similarly, Scouts who are fortunate enough to go hiking on horseback or with a baggage wagon may find it necessary to pad portions of the harness to prevent saddle or harness galls. Players must then form the rope into the shape of a square. You will need one item per player on each team. As a red flag on projecting end of load.
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When he catches rope, he must tie bowline around waist and be hauled across line where rest of group throws rope from. They must have both feet off the ground and try to remain on the board for at least 10 seconds. If time is running out, the problem can be simplified by breaking one grip and asking the group to form a single line instead of a circle Minefield Equipment: Various Objects, Chairs, Tables etc. A leader stands opposite each patrol and has one or two ropes, and a pole if desired. Two station themselves in the middle each with a pole, one Scout is up front and one in the back.
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